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Dear colleagues!

Welcome to the home page of the official website of the theoretical and scientific journal Vestnik of VSAU.

The purpose of the journal is to extend the knowledge of contemporary scientific research, advanced experience and know-how and other information in the field of agricultural production. The journal publishes topical, experimental, and methodological and review articles, that are relevant to the following groups of scientific specialties:

05.18.00technology of food products;
05.20.00processes and machines of Agroengineering systems;
06.01.00 – agronomy;
06.02.00veterinary medicine and zootechnics;
08.00.00economic science.

The articles must be related to the agribusiness issues.

The editorial board accepts only articles, which have not been published before. The authors of articles are responsible for data reliability and must adhere to copyright laws.

Vestnik of VSAU possesses a rich history of almost 100 years. The beginning of publishing activities in the Voronezh Agricultural Institution – the first higher educational institution in the Central Black Earth Region – is dated back to 1916, when “the Notes of Agricultural Institution n. a. Emperor Peter the Great” were published.

By the decision of the Higher Attestation Commission of the Ministry of Education of Russian Federation the journal Vestnik of VSAU is included into the list of Russian peer-reviewed journals, in which main scientific results of doctorial and candidate’s thesis researches are published.

The journal cooperates with publishers of other Universities that allows the exchange of experience and follow the latest achievements in the scientific field.

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Wishing you new successes and fruitful achievements!

The editorial board of Vestnik of VSAU